Where Aura is located?

Aura is located at Auroville road which is an international township. Be it by wheels or walk you will never miss the scent of flowers and rustle of leaves for 1.8 kms from ECR road. ECR connects Chennai and Pondicherry which gives traffic free access to the International Airport in Chennai as well as quick access to domestic Airport in Pondicherry. On the other side runs the national highway which connects the Silicon City also called as Garden city Bangalore and major places of South India. Pondicherry is accessible in just 7 kms from Aura and the nearest Train Station  is 14.8 kms, the nearest International Airport is 141.8 kms and the nearest famous tourist spot Mahabalipuram is just 84 kms.



Aura Location Advantage

Aura is located at Auroville road which is bordering Auroville International Township.
It is located Just 700 mts from Auroville – Kuilapalayam junction.
1.8 kms off ECR and scenic Bay of Bengal.
7 kms from  Pondicherry town.
87 kms from  Mahabalipuram.


Chennai    – 120 kms
Bangalore – 345 kms


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